The Mobile Acoustic Scoring System (MASS)

The Mobile Acoustic Scoring System (MASS) is a waterborne, portable, ship deployable/recoverable range and training tool. MASS scores and analyzes live-fire surface gunnery exercises, air-to-ground weapons exercises, and other test and evaluation events. The MASS concept is based on the recognition that a projectile will generate a detectable acoustic event when it impacts water. The characteristics of this type of acoustic event can be detected and accurately located with an in-water array of acoustic sensors and digital signal processing technology. The MASS system consists of acoustics sensors, which are incorporated into five sensor buoys. When an acoustic event occurs the buoys triangulate the location of impact. Global-Positioning Satellite (GPS) receivers provide precise positioning data of the buoys and firing platforms. Upon impact detection, the buoys transmit data to the system controller unit located on the supporting platform. The system controller calculates and displays the projectile’s impact location in real-time allowing immediate feedback to the firing platform.

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