What makes us special

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

Commitment to innovation – Search for interesting and advanced solutions in terms of technology, creation of the company’s product range based on the above.

Providing security – Offering solutions for ensuring protection of human health and/or equipment and facilities applied by them.

Use of ethics and respect for the law – Conducting activities that are in strict accordance with the regulations of law and the principles of business ethics.

Implementation of custom themes – Making custom-made and logistically difficult deliveries. The number of contacts in places such as the United States and India, as well as experience in the supply of equipment, allows us to obtain hard to acquire devices. In 2008, we successfully made the delivery of equipment and its installation for the Polish Military Contingent in Chad.

Efficiency in Action – Completion of over 500 contracts, mostly based on public procurement orders. Our offers are recognized by due diligence in their preparation whereas deliveries – by meeting the requirements of our customers.

Reliability and passion – MLC team are young, educated and ambitious people – oriented at work results. Striving for perfection in action is an ultimate goal for our team. All our activities are accompanied by our strong commitment and the achieved results allow deriving pleasure from them.

Quality confirmed by references – The quality and performance features of our products are confirmed by their users. In comparison to competitors’ products, our products speak for themselves. Sometimes their prices are lower, yet the quality surpasses other competitive products.

Support for lofty goals – Social responsibility and charitable activities occupy a special place on our list of priorities. Wherever possible, we support others. We are sensitive and willing to help human beings in need. In particular, we feel responsible for our employees, we are also open to supporting local initiatives and help promote our city and its talented people.