On 3-4 April 2019 representatives of Megmar Logistics & Consulting Sp. z o.o .: Marek Stobnicki and Łukasz Włodarski participated in the conference of the military engineering forces management staff. This conference was organized at the Piast Dynasty Castle in Brzeg and inaugurated the celebration of the month of the Military Engineering Forces. The conference was also attended by a representative of the British company Mabey Ltd – a manufacturer of temporary and permanent steel bridges. The part of the conference was dedicated to the presentation of the achievements of engineering and foreign industry in the field of supporting operational capabilities in the area of mobility, counter-mobility and military survival. Issues concerning technology acquisition in the area of emergency response during natural disasters and support of operational capabilities of the services in the field of restoring normal living conditions were also raised.

Participation in these undertakings was also a platform for the exchange of information on trends as well as needs and directions of development. It was a great opportunity to make new contacts and maintain existing relationships.