Visit to the Nitro-Chem Chemical Plant

On July 15, 2019, the Vice President of Megmar Logistics & Consulting, Ms. Elżbieta Maślarz took part in the ceremony during which the president of Nitro-Chem, Krzysztof Kozłowski received from the hands of Fabio Sgarzi from RWM Italia a certificate confirming the completion of the process of implementing MK-82 aircraft bomb technology used on F16 aircraft. RWM Italia, a member of the Rheinmetall Defense group, a reputable armaments supplier in the world, supplies bomb bodies to Bydgoszcz, which Nitro-Chem fills with explosives. Bydgoszcz factories are the only ones to elaborate the Mk-82 bomb in this part of Europe.
Megmar is a leader in the project of delivering 400 pieces of this type of bomb for the Polish army. Ms. Elżbieta Maślarz handed the congratulatory letter to the President of Nitro-Chem. After the official ceremony, there was also a moment to talk and exchange views on the directions of development of the Polish arms industry.