On 12 October 2016, the 4th edition of the Open Shooting Competition – Minsk Mazowiecki Garrison’s Commander Cup was held. The event was organized by the Commander of the 23 Tactical Air Base Colonel Pilot Maciej Trelka who also acts as a Commander of the Garrison.

The shooting itself took place at the shooting range near the town of Siedlce, located in a forest scenery. Participants competed in two disciplines: “Beryl” rifle shooting and PW-83 military gun shooting, separately for professional soldiers and non-soldiers. The shooting competition for civilians was preceded by a theoretical preparation using a BTL1 Wireless Laser Simulator, and a training in the principles of shooting with a PM pistol. The shooting sparked great excitement among non-troops, because it was the first contact with the weapon for most of the participants.

The competition was attended by, among others, representatives of the Police, Military Police, Special Forces, Fire Department, Minsk Mazowiecki Municipal Council and a few companies, including MLC.

In the ladies’ competition (civilians), the second place in the PW-83 shooting category was taken by MLC employee, Ms. Anna Krzeszewska.

The competition was solemnly summarized by Minsk Mazowiecki Garrison Commander, Colonel Pilot Maciej Trelka. It was with his hands that winners of each category received prizes and commemorative medals.