Faun Trackway Limited presents its equipment in Chełmno

On June 5-6, 2018, at the request of Megmar Logistics & Consulting, with the consent of the General Commander of the Polish Armed Forces at the training ground of the 3rd Road-Bridge Battalion in Chełmno, a demonstration of British road coverage HGMS by FAUN was held. The presentation was attended by the commanders of military engineering units from different parts of Poland, representatives of both the General Command of the Armed Forces and Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support. Megmar L&C was represented by Marek Stobnicki and Łukasz Włodarski. The equipment demonstration was carried out by the representative of FAUN Trackway Limited, Neil Wigley and representatives of Royal Engineers, captain Geoff Hill and officer, James Collins.

The road coverage has undergone a rigorous durability testing, the result of which made a positive impression on all gathered. HGMS roadway system was being tested using the SŁ 34 engineering machines, the BLG assault bridge, the BAT-M high-speed tracked bulldozer as well as other engineering equipment units, which run over it. HGMS was deployed and recovered several times to demonstrate its mobility and ease of operations. It takes about five minutes to deploy the equipment. The equipment requires two people for operation, a driver and an assistant. For the demonstration,  MAN truck was used, however, it can be also easily adopted to Polish Jelcz 862 D43 chassis. The entire demonstration resulted in very positive feedback.