The Hawkeye 1000 system encompasses a range of products offering mobile solutions for video recording and collecting data on the surface profile. The device is used to perform standard measurements monitoring surface condition, quality control and evaluation of road safety. The low cost of the Hawkeye 1000 Series device makes its purchase a perfect solution, enabling integration with other products of Hawkeye line.

The Hawkeye 1000 system includes:

H1000 Digital Laser Profiler – economical portable system that provides accurate and repeatable longitudinal measurements of the surface, the measurement of IRI and of other indicators, and of macrotexture – in SMTD (Sensor Measured Texture Depth) or MPD (Mean Profile Depth) formats. The system is mounted on ball hook and covers laser attachments, DMI (distance transducer), laptop and software for data processing. The laser measures the profile of a single or double wheels track, with the help of accelerometers and 2 precise laser sensors. Calculation of longitudinal profile and IRI are consistent with ASTM E950, ASTM E1926, AASHTO PP37. Measurements of macrotexture (SMTD) are consistent with the British TRL, Rep 639, while measurements of macrotexture (MPD) are compliant with ASTM E1845 and ISO 13437 standards.

H1000 Digital Imaging System – economical portable system that provides a wide, accurate and calibrated imaging obtained even at high speeds. High-resolution video camera mounted on the inner side of the measurement vehicle’s front windshield. The video camera can be calibrated in the way that enables the measurement to be shown on the screen. Used together with GPS module, it gives the possibility to read the coordinates of road resources.

H1000 DUO – includes a profiler equipped with a single or dual laser, and a video camera mounted on the dashboard, which allows the collection of data on the longitudinal profile, unevenness and macrotexture, in conjunction with the images of measured sites.



The Hawkeye 2000 system is a set of professional and specialized measuring devices used in road building and maintenance. This system can be mounted on any measurement vehicle. The modular design allows full scalability and selection of components according to customer’s needs – if the system needs to be expanded.

The Hawkeye 2000 system is a fully professional tool with wide range of applications. The set consists of:

Hawkeye 2000 Digital Laser Profiler (DLP) configured with a variety of sensors – for the collection of data on the parameters of surface roughness: International Roughness Index (IRI), Ride Number (RN), Rut Depth, Mean Profile Depth (MPD), Sensor Measured Texture Depth (SMTD) and other parameters.

The system comprises a vehicle-mounted measurement beam, equipped with sensors and lasers, as well as accelerometers (arranged in accordance with the user’s preferences). For transverse measurements it is possible to install lasers at the side of the vehicle – to ensure that the overall physical dimensions of the beam do not go beyond the maximum allowed width of the vehicle. The system is integrated with GPS and video cameras.

Hawkeye Automatic Crack Detection (ACD) system enables automatic detection of cracks, and assessment of ruts and other road surface features. The ACD system comprises two high performance 3D laser units mounted at the rear of the survey vehicle, vertically above the road surface. Each of the units consists of a high power laser and 3D video camera.

Hawkeye H2000 Asset View Digital Imaging System (DIS) – system designed to collect video data for visually identifying and locating roadside features.

Hawkeye H2000 Pavement View Digital Imaging System (DIS) is a specialized data collection system for visually identifying and locating deterioration and cracking.

Hawkeye H2000 Gipsi-Trac Geometry System is a system that uses sensors and GPS to collect road geometry information.

LiDAR technology is widely used for making geographical measurements, and is used for road measurements in similar way. The system uses a rotary laser that records the distance to produce a three-dimensional image of the road and its surroundings.

Hawkeye H2000 Mobile Line Reflectivity system measures night-time visibility of both white and yellow horizontal road markings, in dry conditions. Simultaneously, it measures the daylight contrast.



Hawkeye software by ARRB company offers fully integrated solutions for viewing and analyzing traffic measurement data. It is appropriate both for Hawkeye 1000 and Hawkeye 2000 series.

Hawkeye Onlooker Live – Acquisition Software is an interactive interface designed to control the data in real time. It can help us control and monitor all Hawkeye systems simultaneously.

Hawkeye Processing Toolkit Software – is an office tool designed for processing, analyzing and generating reports, used to process all parameters accurately. Easy-to-use interface covers an image viewer and a centralized database for viewing measurement data.

Hawkeye Data Viewer is an office program which enables making advanced assessment of the area using the zoom and measurement tools used to view the processed data. Having imaging records on file reduces the need for site visits.



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