“As long as you fight you are the winner.”

Augustine of Hippo

Representatives of MEGMAR L&C took part in the 13th edition of “Katorznik Run”, organized by Military Runners Club of Meta and the JWK.

On August 12th  in the Lubliniec – Kokotek Forest District  we took part in two competitions: “Galernik Team” and “the 7th Run of VIPs and Patrons”.

Mariusz Maślarz, a CEO of Megmar L&C, took part in the individual run. The team was composed of: Natalia Strybing, Anita Strębska, Anna Krzeszewska and Łukasz Włodarski.

The name of the race fully reflects the hardships of the route. It led through marshes, lakes, muds, drainage ditches, streams, quakes, polders, scrubs, natural and artificial obstacles. The length of the route was about 13 km. The start and  the finish line were on the beach in front of the Silesian Center. Tired but happy we finished that run. Each member of the team was given a “Katorznik Horseshoe”.  It was not about winning, but to fight our weaknesses.

Next year we are going to  face the obstacles  of the “Katorznik Run” again, but we will approach to it drawing on experience.